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How could I replicate this look?
  • I've seen a lot of films with this type of grade. Does anyone know how they pull this off? Everything is sort of a tan color and the skin tones are lovely.

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  • Reminds me of films you see at Sundance. Gut instinct tells me shooting with Canon 5D MKIII (or earlier versions) would be a good start. If you have access to one, maybe try a few tests. Also looks like lighting really controlled to avoid any harsh light from coming into frame.

  • To me this looks like mostly ambient window light with a lot of white walls for soft fill all around. They don't seem to be filling in much with other light sources, so the shots are actually fairly underexposed and there's not much pop to them. It does look very natural (if boring) and adds to a verité feeling that suits some stories. Not for nothin' you can shoot very fast and cheap this way because you aren't spending tons of time setting up lights. Another reason you see it in a lot of indie films.