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Any edit fix for either stepped aperture or ISO
  • I'm editing some drone footage and one of the shots clearly steps either aperture or ISO as it rises from a dark area into a blue sky. I wondered if anyone knew any nice (easy) solutions! I'm in FCP but if it involves resolve or premier happy to explore. Thank you.

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  • By idea simplest thing is to make it not stepped, but gradual change adjusting part before stepped change.

  • Thanks @Vitaliy that's what I want to do but just doing it manually a bit of a nightmare as seems to shift almost frame by frame.

  • Look at the auto levels effect in premier it sometimes works really well (and sometimes not :)) but only take a sec to try it there are a few settings for temporal etc.

  • Thanks @Umii will give it a go.

  • Find middle ground. Make cuts on steps. Manually adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, black and white points etc. of surrounding parts to match the middle, going outwards. Depending on how harsh the changes are and how much latitude you got at extremes, it might look ok. Maybe. Grade everything together.

  • Yep. Split the footy, grade to match.

  • I use resolve and keyframe exposure adjustments

  • Many thanks, waiting for client to come back then will take another look, the steps in some places are between frames and probably an inaccurate description but can only assume the changes are auto ISO or aperture. well fiddly.