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External monitor recorders and overlay feature
  • Just watching some behind-the-scenes work with greenscreens, and occasionally the filmmakers would apply an overlay to their field monitors to line up shots. For example, if they were shooting two people on a greenscreen soundstage, they could superimpose the background footage to help line the shot up correctly.

    Does anyone know which recorder/monitors on the market can do something like this? (Say, play two video streams superimposed over each other? Or load in a graphics file to superimpose?

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  • Do you make it very frequently?

    By idea you can just pass image via filter to leave only contrast corners, invert it, use laser printer to print on transparent film (and adjust image to be same as monitor screen), attach this thing to screen via sticky tape.

  • That's probably the best solution. Easier to move, adjust, "switch on and off", etc.