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AMD RX480, RX470 and RX460 cards - HEVC, HDR and 4K
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    Main change comes with video related features

    • Full HEVC support
    • HDR output support
    • HDMI 2.0b and Displayport 1.4
    • 4GB version for $199
    800 x 543 - 58K
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  • wow ! AMD just floored the market

  • Yup, very nice value for editors and gamers alike. I'm curious if they'll satisfy the $300 tier with an OC'd Polaris (RX 480X?) that matches the GTX 1070. Perhaps they'll announce something at E3 besides just console upgrades.

  • I find it fascinating how very different press reactions on this AMD were: Some journalists see AMD now way behind nVidia in terms of high-end GPU performance and efficiency, others praise AMD for announcing what seems to be a good "bucks per bang" rating mid-range GPU.

    They are probably both right in a way: nVidia can now alone skim the high profits off the game enthusiasts that want to play in 4k resolution. But for those who won't pay any price, the AMD offering looks like the more reasonable one.

    Yet, I think nothing keeps nVidia from addressing the mid-range GPU market with something like a "GTX 1060", and given their higher efficiency per Watt, it could get tough for AMD to compete.

    To me personally, AMD is the favorable alternative if only because there are decent open source drivers for Polaris GPUs for Linux, while nVidia keeps its asshole attitude not providing information required to write such drivers - and I've personally suffered from this when nVidia stopped to publish drivers versions for some still well running GPU that would be compatible with current kernels. So for me it's "fuck you, nVidia, regardless how well your hardware might perform".

  • I'm still confused as to whatever happened to the super great AMD cards of 2013-14. Suddenly Nvidia released Titan and high-end GPU's started costing $1000? What do?

    What I would like to see is AMD show us the full potential of Pascal.

  • What I would like to see is AMD show us the full potential of Pascal.

    What exactly you mean here?

    Card is designed such way and it shows performance according to design.

    Whole market of high end top cards, and I do not mean Titan, but 1070 and 1080 NVidia like cards is tiny.

  • @alcomposer: I think the situation with GPUs from AMD and nVidia is similar to the situation with CPUs from AMD and Intel: AMD just cannot offer the highest performing hardware at this time - so they cannot profit from the insane premium prices enthusiasts pay for "whatever is the best". nVidia can charge 1000 USD for a high-end GPU because enthusiasts pay whatever the price, just as Intel can charge 1600 USD (for their current high-end desktop CPU) for the same reason.

    AMD can still compete in the "upper mid-range", and they'll need to make their profits more by selling quantity. They succeeded selling quantities e.g. inside PlayStation IV and XBox One - but it seems it's much tougher staying profitable that way.

  • @karl

    On your place I won't worry or AMD. They'll be fine.

    While enthusiasts market looks attractive, it is tiny. High margins, but small.

  • @karl

    It is two months old thing, wrong one.

  • @VK

    What exactly you mean here?

    What I am saying is that Pascal surely could be given more power to perform as well as the GTX1080. AMD should have some insane high performance solution.

    They are discussing that RX480 in crossfire outperforms 1080, we will see soon real-world tests.

    From a video editing point of view I suppose multiple GPU systems are becoming the norm anyway, so this isn't a bad thing, in-fact a dual RX480 sounds like very well priced solution for an editing PC setup.

  • It is a great pity that a lot of software I'd like to use only supports nVidia GPUs.

    So while I have bought a lot of AMD products in the past, I'm going to be forced to go with nVidia for my next graphics card.

  • It is a great pity that a lot of software I'd like to use only supports nVidia GPUs

    It is not pity, it is normal. No sane guy want to write something twice or more times.
    But under capitalism you have socialization issue, in this case it means that competitive guys can not agree on real standard. They can not agree not because they are bad or defective, no. They can not agree because such agreement brings huge plus to society as whole (hence issue name), but always add some minus (profits decrease, marketing issues) to at least one of capitalist companies (usually - to all).

    Only two working models exist. One is - winner takes it all and set standards, alternatives can exist, but are not very significant. Samples are easy to find. Other - model of good corrupt cop. It is how compression or network standards are set. Capitalists agree that they will get small fee, but from all society members and set some scheme how they redistribute corrupt money.

  • That Nvidia GTX 1070 seems to be the one I'm going for. Does anybody know if it will still cause "Fermi Freezes" on Mac OS 10.8 - 10.9 that's the main reason why I had to move away for Nvidia cards.

  • The Radeon RX series includes support for next-generation HDR gaming and video on new HDR monitors and TVs. The Radeon RX series also supports HDMI 2.0b and DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 supporting the new generation of high-resolution HDR and high-refresh displays. The Radeon RX series features accelerated H.265 encoding and decoding, enabling streaming or recording of 10-bit Ultra HD video at 60 FPS.

    They will also have cheap RX360 and RX470, all of them support necessary video standards, HDR and HEVC

  • RX480 benchmarks have been reported, looking consistent with what was to be expected from the specs. They also report some RX 470 benchmarks in comparison.


  • It is interesting that they still have quite slow H.264 4K encoders here

    GeForce seems to be more capable