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35mm F1.2 DZOptics KERLEE lens
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    • 11 elements in 10 groups
    • Lens Mounts - Nikon F, Canon EF, Sony E/FE Mount
    • Angle of View - 63.2°
    • Aperture f/1.2-f/22 with 14 blades
    • 72mm filter
    • 690g


    800 x 623 - 57K
    800 x 484 - 41K
    502 x 514 - 45K
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    KERLEE 1.2/35 lens, specially developed for all lovers of photography, is of high performances featuring large aperture, soft Bokeh effect and rich colors.


    1. Minimum focus distance is up to 0.3.
    2. Optional switchable aperture lock, allowing for smooth adjustment in video mode.
    3. The optimal distance is within 1-5 meters with the best image quality
    4. Smooth focusing feel, appropriate damping and superior experiences.
    5. ED lens effectively improve image/color differences.
    6. It’s globally the first 35mm F/1.2 large aperture lens that supports single-lens reflex full-frame cameras. When taking an image, set the aperture to Maximum f1.2 can conspicuously emphasize the subject on the background, producing a nice picture atmosphere.
    7. Excellent rendering effect in dim light, also enhance shutter speed to complete a shot
    800 x 533 - 55K
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    It is really fine lens, well made, with outstanding central performance. It slightly suffers at the edges, although to be fair, when not photographing lens charts, which are flat of course, the real world results are very satisfactory. Sharpness is not really the main drawback, just a tendency to flare and quite a bit of CA at the edges. The very bright f/1.2 aperture is unique and may well be very useful in low light and for shallow depth of field effects. The bokeh is lovely and smooth.

    723 x 483 - 50K
    800 x 527 - 107K