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I just got a dmc gf3
  • hello im new in here, new hack things , i just got a panasonic dmc gf3 and i want to hack it , im kind lost. can somebody send me links , step by step or tutorial. deleted if not allowed . thank you

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  • Use the search function and do your own homework. Also at this time don't think the GF3 can be hacked.

  • i did , but like i said im a beginner . i did some research and im lost , can u please help me ? If you know can u send me links . thank you

  • start with the faqs

  • i did i look everywhere , and lost . i found this one but im not sure if is this one for gf3 , i just want to be sure before i do it my camera. can you please help me

  • Clearly you did not check the FAQs section right at the top of the site:

  • I did check , like I said , all that get me confuse, and I don't know the version of the ptool I have to download . I understand that I have to download firmware from Panasonic . But I don't know about which ptool I have to download . Any help please

  • the latest ptool is beta 3.66d any gh2 patch will work on gf3, but you will not get gh2 features. for gf3: no full manual control, no 1080p24, etc.

    try cake 2.3 or sanity 5.1 for good balance of reliability, quality, and spanning. other patches need fast class 10 card e.g. sandisk extreem etc.

  • I have a Lexar 64gb class10 1000x UHS II u3 Also a Lexar 16gb class 10 1000x UHS II u3,

  • Also how do I use these patch ?