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Moodelizer and Filmstro
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  • Wow! I can't wait until we can do the same as easily with actors. Simply select an actor- modify a bit- type in the script and movement- add a scene with lighting. Boom. Finished. I think the advertising video would look exactly like this!

    We are all:

    Camera operators.
    Lighting designers.
    Set designers.
    Sound mixers.
    Foley artists.


    With that software you could finish a complete project in half a day and one person! We don't even need cameras anymore!

  • PS: not all of the above is satire. I would actually really love a simple Poser style piece of software with 100% lifelike render.

    However what would we loose in the process? Probably not performances or lighting quality or anything like that.

    What we miss out on is the unexpected- the collaboration between other human beings with different ideas, working together to create a great project. Whatever your thoughts on "Jaws" the signature jaws theme would NEVER have come about without collaboration and John Williams fighting for that theme. (Besides- aren't we all guilty of humming that tune when playing at least once with children...?)

  • @alcomposer

    This won't replace real good performance and composers. At least for now.

    But main impact is on people who do average and below average works.

    This people do not understand basic thing - not only AI becomes better, but we now store everything made by everyone and competition is global.

    Many local guys who shoot on camera can not compete outside their small area also.

  • @VK

    I'm not really judging if peoples work is average or below average.
    Just that its great to work with other humans and be creative together! Video can already be very solitary endeavour, lots of editing in low lit rooms etc, long hours.

    I am actually more interested in how I as a composer would contribute to the 'database' of Filmstro et al.

    Would it be a multichannel score (with multiple parts?) Or are they using virtual instruments with a Midi style implementation, e.g. band-in-a-box? My best guess is that its multiple parts, but I could be wrong.

    It would be really really exciting if composers world wide could contribute similar to how many stock music services already work.