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Vuze 3D VR camera
  • $799, comes of extra stuff for preorders

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  • Unfortunately many of the 360VR cams coming out now have very low DR, (especially considering that they are capturing sky, sun, trees, shadows, everything). As long as peoples expectations are realistic they are great for what they are intended for. But don't expect A7sII Sensors.

    This is one giant upside for lightfield capture. Image reconstruction can work around lesser quality cameras given good software.

  • The era of 3D 360 VR movie making just became a consumer reality at this year's Cannes Film Festival, with Summertime, the first 3D VR short to be shot with a consumer camera debuting at Next Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes. It was shot with VUZE, the world's first consumer 3D 360 VR camera and software studio, which also begins pre-orders today at the remarkable price of $799 (US). VUZE is unlike anything currently available thanks to its ability to capture both 3D and 2D VR content using a point-and-shoot camera. It also eliminates the need for lengthy post-production as it is able to stitch, edit and deliver VR videos in moments and at the touch of just one button.

    Available at for $799, the pre-order bundle includes everything a person needs to capture and relive every part of the world around them in breathtaking detail. While people need to register a pre-order to secure this price, no payments will be taken until shipping begins in the fall. The bundle includes:

    • VUZE camera – a sleek attractive design within a point-and-shoot form-factor makes VUZE incredibly easy-to-use. Highly portable, lightweight and ergonomically designed, VUZE can fit into most trouser pockets!
    • Software Studio - offering near real-time processing and state-of-the-art stitching and at the push-of-a-button.
    • VR headset
    • A purposely engineered "selfie stick" which cleverly transforms into a tripod
    • Detachable, multiple purpose handle for additional holding options
    • Stylish carrying case for easy transportation and safe keeping

    VUZE is a game changer for VR. It is like having two cameras in one, since it can easily generate 3D and 2D content and can seamless switch between both outputs. With 8 Full HD cameras for 2D content, it boasts superior quality to existing 2D 360 cameras, which typically use 2 to 4 cameras. Costing just $799, VUZE is truly a consumer option and at a fraction of the price of current 3D VR cameras that include the Nokia OZO ($60,000), the recently announced Facebook Surround 360 ($30,000) or Google Jump ($15,000).

  • "Available" and "pre-order" are kind of contradicting words in the most relevant of above sentences. Let's see the hardware tested, also under non-perfect conditions, by independent testers, and than decide :-)

  • Available for preorder :-)

  • I went to the Vuze "showroom" and played the 2D videos they uploaded. I watched selecting "4K" resolution via YouTube and Vridio (on my 4K monitor). The resolution in all the videos I watched is very low - seems noticeably lower than that of the Samsung Gear 360 videos and especially the dual Kodak 360 4K videos - and there are obvious stitching problems. The videos I watched were the Florida Tour, the Purim Parade (many stitching artifacts) and the Outdoor Concert. For example, watch the second violinist (curly hair) in the concert video and see what looks like a bizarre alien arm due to a stitching problem.

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