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4K HEVC 10 Bit Mastering and Exporting
  • Seeing as how things are finally moving in the direction of HEVC and 10 bit (Rec.2020) on the delivery side of things, I'm curious as to what 10 bit camera recording bitrates we could expect to see coming down the road. ProRes intra codecs seem unnecessarily overweight at 4K resolution and will probably not be offered by Canon, Sony, Panasonic and JVC for internal acquisition (prosumer class). I'd be OK with a long-GOP HEVC codec seeing as how the new GPUs all seem to support hardware decode/encode capability.

    Would 200 Mbps be a reasonable bit rate to expect for next-gen cameras like the GH5 if they support internal 10 bit? Any opinions on whether companies like Blackmagic or Atomos will eventually offer a recorder with HEVC option that's easier on storage media? Anyone currently working with10 bit HEVC delivery pipelines? Thanks.

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  • HEVC requires much more expertise in chip design if you need small consumption.

    I have no idea that bitrate will be selected as main one, but I think something like 100-120Mbit for 4K.

  • My backup/archive system would be very happy with 120 Mb/s :)