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Saramonic UwMic 10
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  • Hmmm... surprised there is not already a thread about this! As I have been thinking and talking a lot about this wireless kit. It is a fantastic price! And has plenty of tempting features (one of which... it looks incredibly similar to the Sony kits! :-o Apparently they're using the old Sony case moulds). I'm waiting for the XLR TX to be released next month, and if the reviews of that are good then I'm going for this :-D (and ditching the cable on my boom!)

    Can't find any reviews however of people using 2x TX => 1x RX set up, as this arrangement is rather important to a friend of mine.

  • All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised with the Saramonic UwMic10 system. It does have some downsides — such as the slightly flimsy and plasticky battery tray, the lack of a solution that works out of the box if you want to use two XLR channels, and strange mic compatibility — but you definitely get quite a lot for the price. Not only is it a dual receiver system that will cut down on the expense and hassle of working with 2 wireless sources. It is also seems like a well-built product that looks, feels and sounds professional.