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Best choice for low budget
  • Hi, i can not find and actualized post or info por my questions, so i think maybe someone can answer me.

    I got a t3i and i some money(320$) and i want to get the cheapest way to get the full frame field of view, and i think change to a mirrorless camera with a cheap speedboster is the best choice, i think a lumix hacked camera is perfect boost the nice ptool hack, so i want to now what are the best option.

    Now with the gf series camera can enable manual controls? some gh2 like but smaller like gf2? what about the g series, work fine with the ptool hack?

    tl;dr what are the best choice for low budget, 1080p, and manual controls. Bye guys, hope our can help me.

    Cheers from chile!

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  • i want to get the cheapest way to get the full frame field of view

    No such thing as "full frame field of view" exist.

    Get any old camera with mike input, headphone output and good 1080p60 video.

  • sorry i explain me bad, i mean the full frame focal length.

    so thats why i thinking on a lumix hacked, with a cheap speedboster to achieve that.

  • full frame focal length

    Such thing also do not exist, sorry. But I understand that you want to use FF capable lens and lens turbo like adapter.

    You do not need any speed booster, especially if you are beginner.

    Get one good native lens and it is enough, spend time and money on skill. If you so want to spend money on gear - spend on audio.

  • @capitanazop Are you selling the T3i? If so, that will give you more flexibility.

  • ...for $320 ?? ...well. get a gh1 for 150, a mitakon fd v2 for 150, and look for cheap fd 24 or 28mm lens ....probably not possible to find for $20 ....more like 100

  • Yeah. You ve got a t3i now buy their 50mm 1.8 for 50 bucks on ebay and spend the rest of your money on education. I spent the last 6 month on the, Shanes inner circle, filmriot etc cc and wow. Basically screw cameras for a moment and learn the basics. Then if you reached the point where you know what you want and what benefit 10bit 422 Prores, fullframe, an extra stop of light with speedbooster etc cc actually bring. Then buy a better camera. Learn about lighting! It's awesome.

  • sorry guys, my english really sucks.

    Im not a beginner, i have film studys and i have like 4 years recording with dslr, i got m42, om and canon ef lens. the problem is im fucking poor and i work recording fashion photography backstage, and there is not a good enviroment cause or its too overexpose, or underexpose, i cant use any led or external light, i dont got the money for buy a full frame with a better noise performance, and i want to change my gear for have a better low light performance plus the wide angle factor that give the "speed boster" or wathever your call, so i think a mirrorless camera is a good choice to start, and the bitrate hack for lumix looks very nice.

    again, sorry for my bad english, i think the title was a bit confusing.

    i want to know if gf2 or gf3 now got manual controls and 24p with the hack. or if is there any g series camera that work better than a gh2.

    bye guys, thanks for all the replys!

  • Okay so you have the problem of things being over and underexposed? crazy and extreme lighting ratios? Maybe you need a camera with good dynamic range and a fast lens? I love gh2 but was not great for DR. bmpcc has good DR and is cheap but doesn't go very wide.