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Philips 98 CRI Fluorescent bulbs.
  • Hey guys I built some DYI Kino flow style light banks and wanted to know if anybody used the Philips 98 CRI bulbs listed below.

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  • It is good brand and I am sure that CRI will be according to specs. At least first time (with time all fluos and leds degrade).

  • I plan to build some myself. Would you kind sharing your ideas and take some photos? That would be awesome!

  • from my experience the original KinoFlo fluorescent are rather even 6000k than 5600K. HMI is colder as well. Take care if you mix them with other bulbs.

  • @TimTomTum

    I actually built the DYI Kino flows about 2 1/2 years ago strictly for lighting green screen. Anyways here are a couple of videos for you. I have two 6 bank lights shown in the videos, and also the same exact two 4 bank lights. My setup is different from both of these videos as I wanted to use it on a regular light stand in a vertical position as well as a using it on my C stands in horizontal position. When I have some time I will take some pictures and post them.

  • @TimTomTum

    Here are some pictures that I took showing the 4 Bank setup. The 6 Bank is setup the same way in terms of hardware so the hardware is exactly the same. I don't have barn doors and painted the 4 Banks white on the inside so that it is easier on the eyes. The 6 Bank is only for the backdrop so I didn't paint it white but may do so at a later time.

    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-1.jpg
    961 x 1440 - 121K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-3.jpg
    961 x 1440 - 112K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-4.jpg
    961 x 1440 - 131K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-7.jpg
    961 x 1440 - 126K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-8.jpg
    961 x 1440 - 127K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-9.jpg
    1440 x 961 - 84K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-10.jpg
    1440 x 961 - 82K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-11.jpg
    1440 x 961 - 119K
    DYI KIno Flo'sApril 15, 2016-15.jpg
    1440 x 961 - 98K