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NeatVideo 4 presets and profiles for Sony Nex-5N
  • NeatVideo 4 presets and profiles for Sony Nex-5N
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  • A little late to the party, is anyone still using that cam?

  • Looks like at least one person is. Why be a jerk about it?

  • Wasnt trying to be a jerk, just genuinely surprised that someone was actually spending time making NV profiles for a 5N!

  • this camera happens to take excellent video and happens to be super cheap on ebay as well. I shoot wedding bands and need a lot of angles; the nex-5n and 5r are both cheap and great for this. People are still shooting on Canon T3i's.

  • I sold the t3i... good camera but i needed the money.

  • Dynamic Range Presets for Sony NEX-5n

    version 0: highlights at 95 ire (better for sun and shadows)

    version 1: highlights at 100 ire (better for faces and low contrast situations)

    When developing these presets, the camera was set to:

    (NEX-5n - In Camera Settings)

    DRO Level 5

    Profile: Standard

    Contrast +1

    Saturation -1

    Sharpness +1