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Do you use banding filter?
  • I have found a way to improve my playing GH4 videos using clever dithering by banding filter. It removes noise, banding and rough colors and the result is like 10bit video in 8bit screen. I use Potplayer but I think there is bedanding filter in other players too. I have one sample frame. Look the smooth gradients and still very sharp details. The effect is even better in playing video. The trick is to use that filter in player so that the re-compression is not removing dithering effect.

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  • Youtube videos looks super clean when streaming via Potplayer with deband filter.

  • A before picture is necessary here, theres no frame of reference to base any improvement off of.

  • With mpv and only regarding image I found these quite convenient settings:

    --hwdec=vdpau --vo=opengl-hq:scale=ewa_lanczossharp:cscale=ewa_lanczossoft:dscale=mitchell:tscale=oversample:scale-antiring=0.8:cscale-antiring=0.9:dither-depth=auto:scaler-resizes-only:sigmoid-upscaling:target-prim=bt.709:gamma=0.9338:fancy-downscaling:temporal-dither:pbo:3dlut-size=256x256x256

    Whenever I want 1:1 ratio (within HiDPI screen), --video-unscaled
    Below vlc vs mpv png direct grabs with a harsh curve applied. On a side note nothing like playing the trumpet of Jah to get rid of any banding... with a s-mile =)

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  • I have been streaming Youtube videos through Potplayer. There are so clever filters in Potplayer (deband) that I can filter out annoying Youtube issues like noise, banding, macroblocks and compression roughness. The original sharpness still remains. It was a big surprise that I can enjoy Youtube videos with smooth and perfect gradations and clean image.

    I can also adjust levels so that I can see more tones in highlights. Many videos has "super whites". Normal browsers dont show super whites but in player I can adjust levels so that levels 235-255 shows.

    I think that my 4k TV (Panasonic AX800) has also this clever debanding filter because when I watch crappy SD or HD tv programs the TV upscales them so that there is perfect color gradations.

  • No, I don't use banding filter.