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GH2 vs Flow Motion V.2.2 lowest bit rate
  • Hi, I would like to pose a question to the experts, I have a motion flow gh2 with v2.2 which records at 100 m / bit and I've never had any problems.

    Someone tells me that might crash the recording if the use for 3 or 4 continuous minutes, and I've never tried it, but I want to ask you whether it is possible to lower the bitrate perhaps 80 m / bits? thank you

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  • Help my please.

  • Just use other, less bitrate hungry patches, there are tons of them: i.e. sanity, cake, driftwood's nebula or drewnet.

  • ok thank you

  • You can always test the Flowmotion you already have on camera, plus read the thread on Flowmotion for user experiences.

  • thank you

  • @jessy The reason you've not seen any problems is because in my experience they rarely occur with Flow Motion v2.02 (as intended). 4GB file-spanning, however, is a rather fragile mechanism that can sometimes terminate prematurely at high bitrates. To guard against this, and obtain extended recording times, you can shoot in FM2's 60Mbps video modes: 24L, FH, and H modes, which work exactly the same as the 100Mbps 24H, FSH, and SH modes. The only exception is the 100Mbps HBR mode, which for technical reasons lacks a low bitrate mode on the GH2.

  • thank you

  • OK thanks for the advice but I would ask for another thing, you look at my file attachment, and according to you is fine as I set? I mean then apply for mounting the color grade film style.

    Or do you recommend to change the presets? They told me with flow motion v2 should not then into the PC mounting apply the LUT cinemas because they are already applied flow of motion and then risvhia to ruin the colors, and all this true? thank you

    1000 x 563 - 148K
  • OK

    1000 x 563 - 148K
  • OK

    1000 x 563 - 148K
  • @Jessy - I shoot in natural with no menu adjustments, and love the footage produced by flow motion 2.02. Other people will have different preferences, but you shouldn't try to get a 'log' style profile out of the camera.

  • MR BILL excuse what it's natural, could you explain better? feel that flow motion v2 is already in its place as abides without need to apply lut coloring? thank you

  • "Natural" is a film mode choice. It's an alternative to Smooth or Standard. You can try them out to see what look you like.

  • @Jessy - no, no LUT required.

  • Thanks to everyone for the tips will make the tests

  • Jessy

    If you're concerned about spanning, as it can often be the SD card that causes the failure, you could 'test'. Hack with the patch you want to use, and then try shooting some of the 'death charts' - there's one by Stray here (

    ). I've used them by either loading up on a laptop or TV and then shot the screen & left my camera for 20/30 mins or more. If the patch/your SD cards passes the spanning test, you might feel a little more confident if you actually have to do long shooting.

    Another thing, I found reformatting SD cards using the SD Formatter ( using Overwrite/Full (rather than Quick) can be a good thing before using the card to shoot then a quick reformat again in camera - i.e after applying the patch if using the same SD card.