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Short tablet opinion
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    Can you work on Win 7 based tablet? Without any problems.
    Being very old Tablet PC user I can say this without doubt.

    Use now W500 from time to time and one of my old Motion tablets.
    Plays all 1080p videos, and can do anything else.
    Including showing complex PowerPoint presentations with embedded video on projector via HDMI.

    Btw, iPad design approach to tablets is awful for any serious prolonged work.
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  • Any tablet, netbook and even a lot of laptops are awful for any serious prolonged work! :-)
  • @itimjim

    I am working seriously using tablets for many years. Since first XP tablets :-)
    So, always add "in my opinion".
  • or personal view?
  • @vitaliy_kiselev

    Me too. I've been using them for almost 10 years now, slates, hybrids and convertibles. Also touch point of sale devices, touch screen all in ones, and now the more common low power iOS and Android etc devices we see today.

    I personally own an iPad 2 now. I've used an Asus Transformer quite a bit which I thought was pretty cool and usable. However, if I need to get in the zone and work seriously, it's got to be a desktop. Even laptops (without peripheral KVM) don't allow me to work at full tilt. I've presented to 100s of people using my iPad, and run workshops using mind mapping, with ease.

    So I travel with iPad, work on a desktop at home, and the laptop is used if I'm away and need to get more into the zone, which is probably only 10% of the time with trips away.
  • So, can I add "in my experience" :-)