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Gear Case Discussion- share your thoughts...
  • There comes a time in every P-V addict, PToolholic and shopaholic, when we have to think seriously about gear cases.

    This is my suggestion, the Pelican 1510, which is the largest gear case that can still be 'carried on'- (making sure that all sharp objects- hex wrench etc are out)

    Can be picked up for about $200USD, the velcro separators are extra, but really cool for camera equipment.

    I have 'no' association with Pelican in the slightest- so please post your own ideas about what is the best Gear Case to store all the F#*(ken Catchit deals!

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  • I have both Pelican cases and Porta Brace hard cases. I like them both. I slightly prefer the Porta Brace cases as they're a little lighter/roomier at the same size (outside dimension) and the hardware is a tiny bit more ergonomic in my opinion. But you can't go wrong with either.
  • Do you have the 1510?
  • No. I use a 1500 with foam as my A-cam lens case (same size I think but without wheels) and a 1600 for my audio case.
  • +1 on Pelecases. I have a couple for my Canons and they have stayed pristine. Also I tend to keep the case to hand during a job as a temporary "putting things down" place.
  • Well I now own a 1510 with velcro inserts. Gawd I am a ebayaddict.

    On a funny note:
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  • One of the best things about peli cases is lifetime warranty. I call pelican and they send replacement clasps and hardware free of charge. I am waiting for the day my 1640 loses an entire hinge after rough shipping and they have to replace the whole thing. I have 2 1510s with the lid storage pockets and they hold everything, including feisol tripod and 501 head, 2 - gh2s and accessories.
  • I'm going on a river trip and would like to bring my GH4, 12-35mm and 20mm lenses. Space/weight are at a premium. What is the smallest pelican case that I can get away with? 1200 looks too small...maybe the 1300 would do?