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SD card already has Firmware 1.1 from old laptop
  • Newbie here. I've looked at forums on here for a while, but have never started a topic until now. I had assistance a while back with uploading the Panasonic Firmware 1.1 to my sandisk extreme 64gb sd card. That was on my previous laptop. I never got around to hacking my GH2 as that laptop broke. I now have a Macbook Pro, & want to finally use a hack! I've installed Winebottler, & then downloaded the ptools setting. The GH2 bin file has not appeared in my downloads folder. I've attempted to download the original Panasonic firmware update as required, but when I click on the file, nothing happens. I'm unfamiliar with a Mac, hacks too...

    Now the other conundrum...The sd card I have that already has the firmware on it. Is this now a useless card to use for a hack?! If I put it into my Mac to begin the process of the hack, can the Firmware be put on again if it's already on sd card?? I have no idea how it all works. Could really do with some advice!

    Many thanks

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  • All you need to know to get started is here:

    Make a folder on your Mac to keep copies of different versions of firmware. Then you can reuse your SD card for every new hack or patch. Since the patched firmware is always labelled as "GH2__V11.bin" create different folders to hold the patches, so you don't get them mixed up, such as ORIGINAL firmware, PATCHED Firmware.

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  • On related note.. When one selects (imports) a settings set and build firmware with it, that saves firmware file will contain those settings, right? If so, what's up with being able to import multiple setting sets? Couldn't one set override another?

  • Eh.. I think, I can answer my own question.. When setting set is imported, it becomes available, not necessarily selected. Selecting it, changes all settings to whatever is in the set. Saving firmware immediately without further customization, creates firmware file based on original firmware plus chosen seeing set.. Correct?