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Rates for commercial licensing
  • Hi forum,

    As a media artist I received a request that is out of my usual domain. A major USA content licensing bureau contacted me about the use of a video registration of one of my artworks that they saw online. Their portfolio includes the biggest international brands. They want to use my footage in a commercial for a 'major electronics manufacturer' (which they won't disclose until terms are negotiated). They're offering royalties but I'm clueless about what are realistic rates in this business.

    Does anyone have insights on what a "one time license fee for up to 10 seconds. Usage will be for 2 years, All Media, Worldwide." should earn me?

    (Btw, footage is shot on hacked GH2 ;)

    Thanks for all input, dtr

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  • @dtr I'd go about it this way: Make a complete budget which includes all costs you'd charge any serious customer, if you had to produce that footage professionally tomorrow. Then take 10-20% of that as licensing fee. And since it's for 2 years maybe double it. I generally license my videos out for 1 year for 10-15%.

    It's not unrealistic to assume that the license will be renewed after the first 2 years.

  • Thanks! I'll try that calculation.