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UN panel want total ban on lithium-ion battery shipments
  • A UN panel has recommended banning cargo shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries from passenger airliners because they can create fires capable of destroying planes, according to aviation officials familiar with the decision.

    Final approval from the ICAO top-level council is still needed. The council is scheduled to take up the matter in late February.

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  • The header is a little misleading. Banning shipments on passenger airliners is not crazy. The header makes it sound as if they propose a ban on all shipments.

  • The header makes it sound as if they propose a ban on all shipments.

    Well, you need good title to attract people :-) LOL. Experimenting.

    But it is slightly crazy, as lot of same batteries travel in notebooks, tablets, book readers and smartphones.

  • Yes but in shipments, a large quantity of batteries would be packed all together.

  • Meanwhile the planes batteries are lithium

  • Since when is the UN responsible for the establishment of safety guidelines for any industry... can anyone explain how this fits in with the UN's charter? Faceless goddamned bureaucrats.

  • "To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights"

    I'd say international flights quality as a point of international co-operation, and burning passenger planes quality as a humanitarian problem. I don't see anything to suggest that the proposed ban would apply to any flights except international flights.