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memPICKER: memorize screen changes for individual points of color
  • Please look at:

    Would appreciate some feedback if it works well on your (Win or Mac) platform.


    memPICKER is a pixel picker tool useful for color correction, color grading and color analysis. memPICKER is able to track screen changes with up to 50 individual points and save them into a data file. Download memPICKER as Donationware for OSX and Windows platforms.

    • Press 'a' on keyboard to add new pixel location, memPICKER dialog has to be selected
    • Double-Click onto displayed values to delete all pixel locations
    • Click onto Graph to select pixel location and display its color values
    • Click 'Append' button to add RGB values and X,Y location into Data.TXT file.
    • Click 'Save' button to save Data.TXT file onto same folder where the application is located.

    Below you can see just a quick demonstration about evaluation of Colorchecker Charts (24 pixel points) in Excel for different Camera types.

    Source: Studio Test Scenes for different Cameras by dpreview at


    ColorChecker Excel Evaluation.jpg
    1485 x 610 - 136K
    215 x 388 - 18K