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Century Optics 1.33x with GH2+14/2.5 thoughts.
  • Thanks to @LPowell , I received a rather splendid anamorphic adapter at a very keen price. I've only just began testing with it, and yes it's got some quirks as all the adapters do, except the worth-its-weight-in-gold Iscoramas.

    The rear lens element on the adapter is 52mm, which is also fitted with a custom step up for a 52mm thread size. This means my collection of Canon FDs bolt directly into it. 28/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.8 and 135/2.8. I also have the Panasonic 14-140, 100-300 and 14/2.5, which I've bought a 42 to 52mm step up ring for to attach the Century to it. Knowing that 14mm is super wide, I was expecting a complete mess of results and some serious vignetting. I was pleasantly wrong. It's far from perfect though, but in my mind, usable nonetheless.

    I'm still testing the anamorphic. I'm keen to do real world, rather than test charts, so it may take some time. I'm a bit concerned over edge sharpness in some of my longer lenses, as first look seemed to be much of the same, although less pronounced. I do have a Tokina +0.4 Achromat to rig up somehow to the lens, which looks to help, although not for infinity.

    Here's a very run and gun sample from the other night, and a few photos of the adapter mounted on the 14/2.5....which looks insane :-)

    1000 x 750 - 227K
    1000 x 750 - 213K
    1000 x 750 - 241K
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  • good to see that the Lowry has got its decorations up so early ;-)
  • @bantammenace It wouldn't have surprised me if they'd have put them up in September. The commercial world spends about 1/6th of the year preparing us for that one special day. The only thing I need to prepare is a case of fine wine, and a bottle of single malt for those who last the distance.
  • Not bad. But too much blur on the edges to be usable for my tastes.
  • I agree. It needs to be used carefully, but it can be used.
  • I am surprised you are getting such good results with a 14mm lens (although it is close to 28mm equivalent on the GH2.) I have also noticed (I have a Generic Anamorphic Adapter, which is very similar to your Optex) that the elongated bokeh can be horizontal instead of vertical. You can see this in your video on the lights in the restaurant. Somebody mentioned in another forum that adding diopters not only allows close focus but makes it possible to get vertical elongated bokeh.

    Nice test, thanks for filming in real situations and not just tests against static subjects.

    I thought your wife is a saint for putting up with your filming in such special day. Do not do this again in your anniversary for crying out loud!
  • I have the 37mm version from that manufacturer. It vignette's pretty bad on 14mm with the stock 14-42 lens, but with the Crop, the vignette's gone and most of the edge distortion is gone also.

    If you have any C mount lenses a 6-12mm could look really good.