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Cinema 4k (4096 x 2160): NX1 vs GH4
  • We've seen comparisons between the GH4 and the NX1 UHD (3840 x 2160), but has anyone done a comparison of the image quality between the GH4 and the NX1 in Cinema 4k (4096 x 2160) mode?

    Very interesting in the following:




    Low light:

    Rolling Shutter:

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  • Cannot speak for GH4, but love it on my NX1.

    Here are some samples in Cinema 4K:

  • Sometimes I wish (if it weren't for the lens selection) that I had went with the nx1 over gh4. But something new and exciting is always just around the corner

  • @geoffcbassett Excellent footage. Definitely shows some of the quality the camera is capable of creating. What were your settings?

    @ewstrobe2009 I know what you mean. It seems like we are actually between cycles as far as cameras go. I have a feeling that my next camera hasn't been released or announced yet.

  • I was thinking about the NX1 too but decided at least to wait until the a6100 is on the shelf

  • @Mckinise Glad you enjoyed, outdoor shots were at ISO 100 for my brother and ISO 400 for the sea shot. The carnival shot was iso 1600. All were taken with the 16-50 2-2.8 S Lens

    Gamma DR Saturation - 1 Sharpness - 10 Contrast - 6 Black Level + 5