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FS: GH1 Body Mint Condition, Like New
  • For Sale: GH1 Body Mint Condition, Like New

    This camera was used to develop the "No Diagonal Rain Patch" which is instaled on it.

    The power count is only 369, The shutter count is only 1027, the flash count is only 109

    The camera is like new, no details.

    It has the acessories showed on the photo: battery, charger, ac adapter, manual book, cd, shoulder strap.

    the AV cable and the USB cable are missing.

    No lens included, only the body.

    Asking 375 usd shipped, Paypal.

    1920 x 1080 - 167K
    1919 x 1440 - 483K
    1919 x 1440 - 343K
    1919 x 1440 - 334K
    1919 x 1440 - 327K
    1919 x 1440 - 366K
    1919 x 1440 - 353K
    1919 x 1440 - 340K
    1919 x 1440 - 399K
    1919 x 1440 - 384K
    1919 x 1326 - 194K
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  • @apefos

    Are you moving to GH4 or Samsung NX1?

  • No money for 4k at this moment...

    I need to raise funds to restart the Apefoscope Anamorphic Adapter Project...

  • 256 usd shipped, Paypal.

  • price lowered to 256 usd shipped, need to sell.

    International shipping is 35 usd, paypal fee is 16 usd (6% in my country) so I will get only 205 usd, but I need to sell.

  • 210 usd shipped.

  • good sensor. you should keep it, mine was stolen