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Good Deals: Sony NEX-VG10 for $1299
  • VG10 with 18-200 lens.

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  • Does the NEXVG10 actually output 10bit 422 HDMI? Because someone says yes- then someone says no. (Then someone says that the HDMI looks like a dogs breakfast)
  • Not bad what you can get these days for such a price. Too bad about the aliassing and moire in this model compared to the new one. Of course, one can work around it. Mic level control in in the new one also comes handy. Still, can you believe the quality video you get compared to camera's from a few years ago? I remember the prices back then. Of course, people have done amazing stuff with small chip camera's, but they also used 35mm adapters with high cost to achieve a certain look. Now, everyone with small budget can have something to explore their pure creativity, and vision. What you imagine, you can really execute with these big sensors and exchangeable lenses. There's no excuse because you can achieve the look you want. That's really exciting, but scary at the same time. Mostly exciting, though.
  • Btw, you can get this for lens only selling body :-)
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