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FCPX and iphone, landscape footage shows as portrait on import
  • Sorry, bit below the radar but have students shooting films on their iphones and I'm editing in FCPX and testing it with my wife's phone - I like my android phones myself - the footage that is shot landscape and imports as landscape into imovie and photos shows as portrait in FCPX. Two questions if anyone knows the answers, a) is there a way to get FCPX to see the footage as landscape when importing to save importing to photos and exporting and then importing that file into FCPX which works for some reason and b) if I do the alternative workaround, rotate the footage 90 degrees in the timeline and scale to 180% will it be scaling a reduced version of the image and be baaad or will it be just stretching the image out to the natural dimensions with no loss of quality? Merci.