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Is it possible to record 1080x2581 (2.39:1) AVCHD with GH13 or Gh2 ???
  • Hi,
    The 2X crop factor is the greatest annoyance with GH1 and GH2, which also means that a whole lot needs to be spent on super wide lenses in order to get a shot just wide enough. One way to battle that is to use Anamorphic adaptors, and those cost an arm and a leg, and are very difficult to handle (imagine follow-focusing both the lens and the anamorphic adaptor simultaneously; or imagine having to remove and re-attach the anamorphic adapter every time you change a lens).

    It is possible to record AVCHD 1080p (height). But what is the maximum WIDTH of the video that can be recorded with GH13 and GH2? Are we limited to 1920, or is it possible to go wider with some sort of a hack/patch? Would it be possible to record 1080x2581 for example? That's the industry standard 2.39:1 aspect ratio that we get in most Hollywood and DVD productions these days.

    If it would be possible, it would mean that those folks who don't have the fortune to afford anamorphic lenses, can still use their existing lenses and produce a picture that is at least in the same aspect ratio as cinema standard (albeit without the oouie flares and anamorphic bokeh). The other major benefit would be that a 20mm lens can be used as a ~27mm, rather than a 40mm.

    Is it currently possible? if not, is it in development?
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