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DIY experts help. Possibly Im lost in translation
  • I'm trying to build a small dolly cart, I have several pieces, but there is something I cant get. Is the axes system it comes with toy cars, garden cars and another work cars. I put some yellow arrows on the piece or two component parts, they make the wheels can turn on.

    My idea is my dolly car can make circular movement so. But I dont get on amazon and ebay, it comes. I think may be Im "lost in translation", i write "axi for gorilla cart", ""axi for trolley cart" etc and the result is the car. Some idea?

    Thank you.

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  • Are you trying to find tie rods and turnbuckles?

    In regards to the handle and steering bracket, you might have to fabricate your own, or find parts made specifically for Gorilla Carts.

  • @tupp, thanks. en the last link is the handle, if I write "parts made specifically for Gorilla Carts." dont appear that parts, only accesorios of another articles with the name Gorilla. Tie rods contains the parts, but some are more expensive that car complete.

    Thank you.

  • Try to simplify the search such as "Gorilla cart parts" or "Utility Cart parts", probably it is "utility cart axle" or "axle assembly", not axis.

  • Thanks jleo. Seeing the results where the piece goes more expensive than the car complete, I think I'd rather buy the car to use the axi.