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CAME TV wireless Follow focus
  • This is a quick what's in the box video of the CAME TV Wireless Follow Focus. It's a great little unit, compact, quiet and does what it's supposed to - adjust focus remotely. I'm finding more uses than I originally thought and I can see it replacing my mechanical follow focus on most occasions.

    I intend to make a series of these showing the unit in action and running a couple of tests regarding battery life, repeatability etc.

    I have a short film coming up the the next couple of months where the final scene involves a slow track in on a woman on a bench, it's midnight, there's fireworks and she's crying - easy! The FF becomes a necessity here but after playing around with it, there are so many other situations where I can make use of it.

    Interviews - the FF can be used to adjust focus during in an interview situation if you haven't got a camera operator to do the job.

    Jib - If I plan a jib shot I set the foreground out of focus but with the FF I can adjust focus throughout the move.

    I use a shoulder rig on occasion so I might try to set the transmitter up on one of the arms and see what happens.

    If there's anything anyone want's to know or a test they're interested in seeing done - let me know.

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  • I just checked the CAME TV site and the price has dropped to $780!

  • Started moving videos to PV channel

  • Second video - follow focus setup

  • Here are some field tests PaulI did using the CAME TV wireless follow focus

  • Is this a good mid range buy ? In market for a mid level wireless focus system .. also witless monitoring (sdi) (i know can get expensive)

  • @sammy

    It is quite good. Very usable.

  • Ok vk ,how about wireless monitoring ,setting up things for the alexa mini and ursa mini .no hdmi out ..

  • Or maybe a good wired sdi monitor (assume cheaper than wireless )

  • @sammy

    I think best to make new topic. I do not know any cheap SDI wireless stuff.