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Does GH1 hack have option to stop audio auto-gain?
  • I know there are some options to increase audio datarates in the hack, but that it is recommended to avoid such options to prevent recording crashes. But is the hack able to simply turn off auto-gain? That seems like it would use less data and increase stability. And also give better sound quality, right?
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  • Short answer. No.

    Try dual system audio recording.
  • Audio datarate change do not affect craches frequency as I am aware.
    And I do not know how AGC is related to "using less data".
    We can't turn off AGC for GH1 yet.

    I looked in GH2 firmware parts related to AGC, and we'll be able to at least adjust all constants for each of the AGC adjustment levels for GH2.
  • Hmmm.... like setting AGC level to '0'?
  • >Hmmm.... like setting AGC level to '0'?

    It is no so simple :-)
  • The upcoming (this week?) FCPX sounds great. No need for PluralEyes or Mercalli v2. If FCPX can sync audio w/ MTS file in the background, that would be super. Background ProRes rendering, built-in image stabilization, and blah blah at $299. Some pros might hate it, but prosumers will love it. Export FCPX timeline and import to Premiere Pro CS5 then add After Effects. Replace some clip w/ special effects. Back to FCPX. Hmmm... not too bad.

    AGC disabling, on-camera audio chipset... who cares. Here comes "easy" dual system audio recording!!
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