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Magix FastCut
  • MAGIX presents the new version of Fastcut - the perfect solution for amateur filmmakers who want to create exciting videos from their footage and share them. With its versatile new editing templates and practical tools, Fastcut can automatically transform ordinary footage into a perfectly edited video that matches the beat of the music. Fastcut contains tons of impressive new features and improvements - from the formats it can support to templates, video effects and a wide range of export options.

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  • New version

    The first free video software program from MAGIX is now available! Fastcut can be downloaded for free. Please see

    The program creates perfectly edited videos from camera and smartphone recordings in a matter of clicks.

    • Automatic video editing in seconds

    Fastcut lives up to its name and is easy to use, intuitive and above all, fast. Select footage, choose a soundtrack, click "Create video" and the program will create a finished video in seconds.

    • A massive selection of music

    The creative core of Fastcut is made up of an impressive collection of soundtracks, which includes free songs from a wide range of different genres. The in-app Store contains over 150 additional soundtracks for users to customize and further expand the selection already available in Fastcut.