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Phab : new music video "The Bungalows Sisters"
  • Hi,

    My new music video ;)

    Panasonic Lumix GH2/GH3 Voigtländer 25mn 0.95 Panasonic 12-35mn f2.8

    Best regard Phab

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  • Wow. Stunningly good video. Great band that I've never heard of before. Just a splendid, fun video, filled with good music. Phenomenal!

    I suspect this will get MANY plays on YouTube? It's that good.

    I'm forwarding a link to friends and family right after making these comments.

    This is one of many videos that show it is not so much the hardware used, but the creativity and artistry of the folks behind the camera, and, of course, the talent in front of the camera that makes for great, watchable videos.

  • JJ_rri_usa, thank you for your comments and very encouraging for my next videos.