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Strange Nikon D5 development announcement
  • November 18, 2015, TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that it is developing the Nikon D5 digital SLR camera, which represents the next generation of professional Nikon FX-format models.

    The new Wireless Transmitter WT-6 and Speedlight SB-5000, which will be positioned at the top of Nikon's Speedlight lineup, are also being developed.

    Through the combination of this next-generation professional camera offering an even higher level of performance, these advanced accessories and the rich lineup of existing NIKKOR lenses, Nikon is pursuing further possibilities for imaging expression.

    *Details including release date and suggested retail price for this product have not yet been determined.

    How soon they start telling you that their management had meeting discussing some future cameras (but details and decisions can not be disclosed)?

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  • I am a Nikon shooter myself but Sony seems to be taking the steam/excitement out of other announcements from other manufacturers. Sony covered a lot of ground with their their sensors and technology and to put it bluntly they kicked some ass. The other thing that is of concern for the long run is that Sony seems to be making a good portion of the sensors for Nikon.

    This is kinda a catch 22 for Nikon/Sony no? I have a hard time thinking about the long term strategy or agreements that have been made in order for Nikon to use the Sony sensors. I imagine that this is probably why we don’t have 4K cameras from Nikon. Sony probably said hey if you want to use our sensors thats all fine and dandy but you are not able to use them for 4K video.

    I am a little intrigued as to what the Nikon D5 brings to the table, but as I said Sony really took the steam out of the competition in terms of the technology aspect. I posted in another thread about designing the perfect camera. Things are changing quite rapidly, and unless the camera manufactures realize that they have adapt to the current environment then they will lose more and more sales of DSLR’s and the like.

    I really wish Nikon would come out with a FF camera (D810 body) with the technology and computing power of something like an iPhone 6/Samsung Galaxy S6. This along with a hybrid viewfinder that would allow me to change it from optical to electronic, in body stabilization and bam. Now this would be something for me to get excited about.

    Look at the existing D4, maybe for sports/lowlight its good but other then that the camera doesn't offer much value for the money. I am not a sports shooter, if I was then I would probably switch to Canon and use the Canon EOS 7D Mark II for longer reach whilst having a fast buffer and frame rate. This would be a better value and at the same time not cost you an arm and leg.

    In regards to this thread I mentioned in the past that Canon/Nikon need to kick it up a notch. Nikon might be posting this to say hey guys don't switch to Sony yet we are coming out with a Nikon D5 so just wait a little while longer ;-) LOL

    Seriously though I am sure that people are switching to Sony from Canon/Nikon. I am not ready to switch just yet due to the cost of switching out lenses, speed lights, triggers etc etc. I really hope that the management from Nikon can see the forest before the trees and aggressively adapt to the rapidly changing multimedia environment that we are in. Things are moving forward and quickly changing in the imaging/multimedia arena. The way I see it unless they change with the times, they may go the way of Palm/Blackberry which would be really really sad.

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