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50mm F1.1 Sony FE lens from SLR Magic
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    • 6 elements in 5 groups
    • Focusing from 0.50m to ∞
    • Manual aperture, 13 aperture blades , Min - F16
    • 52mm filter
    • Length - 54.8mm (approx. 2.16in)
    • Diameter - 63.00mm (approx. 2.48in)
    • 400g (approx. 14.11oz)

    SLR Magic begins it’s FE-mount lineup with the SLR Magic CINE 50mm F1.1 standard angle lens. The product will be officially introduced during upcoming InterBEE 2015 fair in Tokyo.

    The field of view of this new lens corresponds to a 50mm lens in 35mm format and this fast standard angle of view opens up many new creative composition opportunities, particularly in the fields of portrait, interior, architectural and landscape cinematography and photography. Additionally, a fast max aperture of F1.1 makes the SLR Magic CINE 50mm F1.1 ideal for available-light photography.

    We place our highest priority in the development on our lenses to fulfill the demands of professional cinematographers and photographers. The design and build of the SLR Magic CINE 50mm F1.1 is solid and reliable.

    The SLR Magic CINE 50mm F1.1 (MSRP: $349 US/ $1,999 RMB) will be available from authorised SLR Magic dealers starting beginnng of December, 2015.

    685 x 343 - 38K
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  • Wow only $349! It is a serious bargain compare to the Mikaton 50mm F0.95

  • Wow only $349! It is a serious bargain compare to the Mikaton 50mm F0.95

    Something tells me that it'll have big tradeoffs.

  • SLR magic glass is great. Bet this will be lovely.

  • Look reasonable sharp to me, at least price I m ok with tradeoff lol

    slrmagic 50.jpg
    1922 x 1078 - 226K
  • @ntsan

    It is not looking like F1.1 :-) On F2.8 it can be sharp, yes.

  • @ $350.00 thats a really good price. Wonder how it performs in the corners and such.

  • Hmm. Still have some doubts. In my experience, 'cheap' isn't always good.

  • From the two weeks of real life testing by several testers, we received 3 main concerns.

    • Corner softness at infinity
    • Sharpness at f/1.1
    • Lens flare

    We are currently making some changes within our capability to address the issues. The new changes would improve corner sharpness at infinity by approximately 20% but do not expect perfection after the changes.