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Flickering light in video
  • Hi guys, i need your help.. i was shooting with my gh17 ,clip indoors (720@60p) and in one shot i have light flickering which little bit annoys me , i ´ ve already tried to remove it with neat video , it makes good job but i can still see the little flickering .. it was a room where lights were on and also sun was shining from the window could be this the reason or is it because of that i´m in PAL land and i was shooting 60p (50hz lights 60hz video frequency) would shooting in 50p help me ? i didn´t had any problems till now with it.. if anyone has any idea i will be glad to hear .. thank you all
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  • yes this would help you. also you could try lowering the shutter speed to 1/25th. which would of course give you 25p. also you can use temporal denoise (in my case for sony vegas, free plugin by mikecrash)
  • i should done some tests when i was there, now it´late when i have the flickering footage :) but i read somewhere that it´s recommended to shoot at 1/60 shutter with hack or you can have artifacts .. thanks for the tip ,but i´m a premiere pro user and the plug in is only for sony vegas.... i´ll try to play with neat video and MBL denoisier maybe i´ll get better results.. thanks fatpig :)
  • In PAL land, try 1/50 in fluorescence lighting.
  • and shoot 50p instead of 60. Thats most important.
  • i had 59,94fps and 29,97footage from my friends which i had to involve in video so i decided to shoot 59,94 too because i didn´t want any transcoding problems , i was aware of the flickering but i saw it makes flickering only when the lights are weak.. i mean they have low power.. we were shooting in almost 15 rooms but flickering happend only in one.. thanks for suggestions guys.. if anybody has an idea how to get rid effectively from flickering let me know :)
  • if anybody is interested how to solve this problem ..., i´ve tried free virtual dub plugin called msu_deflicker and the results were good! after importing to premiere i used also neat video and the ugly flickering was almost gone :)
  • Hi, as per advice above, have you tried shooting 50p and then use multiples of 50 for shutter, say, 1/50 or 1/100?
  • hi, i didn´t tried because as i mentioned i had footage (which i had to use in video), from my friends which was 24p and 60p and i didn´t want to shoot 50p and mess something up with transcoding .If i would shooting clip alone and all clips in video would be mine, i would shoot 50p in pal land but this time i choosed to shoot the same framerate as my friends did.. i just wanted to write how to get rid of this flickering if anybody has this problem and don´t know what to do :)
  • Ideal situation would be to shoot 50p or 25p and transcode to 60p or 24p using software transcoder, time stretch and pitch shift the audio. In your case, you are going to have to use a 'deflicker' plugin to reduce some of the flicker in the existing footage, or use a compositing app and try to average out the gain by perhaps sampling the luminance channel and applying some averaging expressions. An example of a plugin is by The Foundry - Deflicker, or try VirtualDub - Deflicker. It depends on the footage.

  • yes WhiteRabbit thanks for the tip but i allready found that out .. i think we missunderstood each self.. i already solved the flickering problem.. i just wanted to share that it can be possible with virtualdub´s deflicker and neat video for people who won´t know how to get rid of it, thats all :)
  • haha, this thread is mirroring one of my current screenplays. I am either losing my mind, or perhaps there has been some time travel involved.... :D
  • Would someone mind posting the MSU deflicker settings that worked for them ? Specifically for fluoro light in PAL or NTSC with an incorrect shutter speed.

  • As I remember I´ve had 2 scenes with flickering, and settings from one wasn´t good enought for the second.. from the 3 sliders I only remeber that I´ve had safety at the lowest number, and change ground/blend treshold were from middle till end, I´ve had to play a lot with these two to get something that is acceptable for me

    when I started testing the settings I´ve divided each of the sliders to 3 parts (left, middle,right) and tried all of the combinations until I saw what looks the best, then I tried to fine tune the settings in the range that looked the best for me..
    If you don´t get results you are expecting from virtualdub try GBDeflicker, you never know