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Why there is no fast stabilized wides in m4/3
  • I would like to have about 10-12mm f2 OIS lens for my GH4. Is there something like that other than lenses with adapter?

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  • Wait for the GH5, it has a good possibility of having IBIS in video mode which could work well with a lot of existing wide primes. Wide lenses don't often benefit much from IS anyway unless you're shooting handheld photos in low light which is done better with Olympus 5 axis IBIS cameras.

  • If the shoe fits (example: Canon 17-55/2.8 + 0.71x S.B. = 12-39/2.0 with IS), then why not wear it?

  • @brianc1959

    Is it worth additional hundreds of dollars and increased weight and size and worse handling compared to if there would be a native m4/3 option? Still Panasonic native lens would be very expensive too.

    How about Sigma 18-35 f1.8 + speedbuster?

  • The 12-35 f2.8 is your only option, af, iOS and will be able to handle indoors, just not very dimly lit rooms

  • @Vesku For many people the answer is yes.

    The Sigma 18-35 + Speed Booster (12.8-25mm f/1.2 for 0.71x ULTRA and 11.5-22.4mm f/1.1 for 0.64x XL) are amazingly good combinations for the GH4. However, although you do get fast AF you won't get IS because the Sigma lens has none.

  • It's probably due to the fact that Wide angle lens need much less to almost no stabilization compared to long focal length lens because the small movement are very subtle...

  • why not a used 17-50 of tamron or sigma with speedbooster, they say the IS is better than panasonic 12-35 and it costs the same, I don't have 12-35 but I also have seen that it has problem with exposure when zoon in/out that both tamron and sigma and probably canon zoom perfectly

  • It is odd that if I want fast wide stabilized lens I can buy a whole 4k camera LX100 cheaper than any other option.

  • Still 50 time less than buying a Cooke, Angenieux or Arri-Zeiss Master Prime. :)