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Arts and Culture Festivals do work! Driftwood ROAD
  • I have been extremely busy recently touring my ROAD film ( made with a Lumix GH4 around the UK arts and culture festivals.

    Recently we entered into the Frequency Festival of Culture in Lincoln, UK and received some tremendous reviews.

    We borrowed a DZ13K 17:10 projector & the amazing D75LE6 lens to create a > 200" screen and built a cinema around it, finishing off the auditorium with a car chair ripped out of an old Austin, placed directly in front of the screen (to represent the windscreen vision that the Panasonic GH4 was placed behind).

    We received hundreds of really encouraging comments regarding the film which traverses 5 states of the American South West (California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado) to show a half hour cut from 32 hours of constant road footage. We constructed it as a series of Movements, working closely with musical composer Kevin Matthews: Palm Springs; Wipers; Monument Valley; Night Trucks; The Chase; Utah; Vegas; Death Valley and Big Sur.
    We wanted to recreate that perfect feeling of freedom that you feel on a road trip, almost meditative - alone but in perfect harmony with the world around you.

    It also gave me the chance to experiment with my new 'Chromarithm' algorithm - mapping music midi controller values from YUV picture values and motion vectors. More about this soon as I get further down the line with version 2.

    All in all, I was gobsmacked by how well it was received by both festival attendees and the press alike. Indeed it was a wholly encouraging experience as I never assumed arts & culture festivals would generate great feedback, ask lots of questions, and were as interested in the technical as well as the creative.

    Hopefully the film will be shown at other up and coming festivals around Europe soon - hope to see you there!


    Design Week:

    The Telegraph:


    New Scientist:

    3840 x 2160 - 873K
    1024 x 683 - 62K
    2863 x 2678 - 747K
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  • I like that. Nicely done.

  • Great news from out of the Internet bubble.

  • Here's the space and car chair at Lincoln Frequency Festival. We now are back in Brighton showing it at The Sound of Story on 18th November.

    1920 x 2560 - 2M
  • Very Cool, Nick! As a video artist myself, I'm going to sit down and watch this as soon as I've got the time later tonight.

  • Your buddy who wrote the music needs to upload more stuff online

  • @thpluto Thanks for that. I'll pass on the message to Kevin. He's a fantastic composer and I believe will go a long way. He is indeed working on a brilliant album of music that I have had the privilege to hear some early tracks.

  • @driftwood Awesome to hear, I've been bothering him enough about it on Twitter figured he could use more pressure :) And of great vid as always.

  • Sick! Really awesome.

  • Very nice. Of course, the most critical technical production question is how did you keep the bugs off the windscreen! ; )

    Nice job!