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Recommended Cine Lense set for GH4
  • I am running a good mix of lenses. From panasonic to voigtländer.On the one hand that mix provides variation on the other hand ff etc might be easy to set up.

    How is your experience? What sets are good for 4k?

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  • I love the SLR MAGIC lenses, they're sharp but full of character, they've got gears, and they're pretty affordable, plus very bright. Cons are - slight variations in design means a few weird inconsistencies between different sizes, so the 35mm for example has the aperture ring at the top of the lens, but the 25mm and the 12 mm has it at the bottom (near the sensor).

  • I've posted some graded videos shot with the 16mm Veydra Cine Prime - see the Veydra lens topic. Would love to see A/B comparisons between Veydra, SLR & Voigtlander.