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Recovering DEAD Third-Party GH2 Battery!
  • Hi folks,

    I just wanted to share this:
    I got a 1400mah third party gh2 battery off ebay, worked fine but then after an long shoot, eventually died, which is perfectly normal.
    Often these batteries dont recharge. so they have to be replaced and are essentially worthless.

    I discovered, that these batteries CAN be recharged, but not with the original charger, but with a third-party charger (just take a cheap gh2 charger off ebay) - i suggest this works because they are missing the third connector pin, and this would be some kind of control connector.

    PS: If connected to the third party charger for about one second, the official charger also charges the battery again. It's about getting that little bit of power in there, for the original one to charge again. Now i have three working batteries. Yay!
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  • +1 good find!
  • BUMP. this had somehow slipped to the second page. Everybody should know this, given the shortage and ridiculous pricing of original batteries.
  • @fatpig just received a travel charger (has also only 2pin connection) and started to charge dead MERTRADO DMW-BLC12. I fully agree with your findings. Started to charge without any problem. After short time it could also be charged by original charger again - that was not possible before.

  • youre welcome! :) this should become common knowledge for us GH2'ies...