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Using alpha channel for correcting playing video?
  • Is there any way to use real time image adjustments with alpha mask channel in video player?

    I have uneven back light in my TV and it would be nice to have a masked correction for display faults. Corner color and contrast are also fading when watching very close. A mask correction would help for that too.

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  • You could probably find a way to apply LUT in realtime, software or (not cheap) hardware box that adds image processing and loads custom LUTs to your signal.

    But you actually need much more, what you want is a secondary color correction with power masks that would adapt to the video you are playing and your bad tv. It is practically impossible. It sounds crazy to be honest, but in the same time interesting, so I have few ideas:

    • (serious) if you play video to your tv out of color correction/editing software, and you have a good computer capable of playing back several nodes (layers) of correction in real time, you could make a color correction that would compensate for your tv flaws, and then change source video every time. This is cumbersome, but if this is very important to you I this is probably how you can get this done. EDIT: If you make this color correction real good, you'd get a job in the industry in no time, and buy a new tv!

    • (not so serious) Very fine nylon foil wrap that you cut out and stick to your screen on desired spots, maybe touch of airbrush to add some patina or vignettes (all that can be on a removable anti reflex glass that you can attach to your tv, a so called Look up window, or LUW) EDIT: If you make this real good, post pics.

  • And check this out, it is a player that does everything of that.

  • @inqb8tr

    Thanks for replys.

    Yes I can make those corrections in video editor and try to preview in real time but I think there is not enough power for that. I can still test my idea with edited video file. I can take a photo of my uneven screen and use it as a correction mask. I can use that mask also with photos via Photoshop or ACR. The issue is not very severe and it is showing only when panning even surface like gray sky. I think all LCD TVs suffer this fault at some degree and narrow viewing angles too. It is called DSE or dirty screen effect. It looks like the camera has dirty objective.

    I think there may be some plug-in or add-on for players like Potplayer or Mediaplayer Classic. Avisynth filter or FFMPG or similar. I must study more.

    It would be nice feature in VA-panel 4k TV to have a close viewing setting which adds color and contrast to screen edges. Lets see what brand figures that first.

  • I think the Avisynth has some filters using alpha masks. Does anyone know or have tried?

  • This is what I mean. The image in my TV looks like this at close distance. It would be nice to have a masked filter to add some color and contrast to screen edges.

    1920 x 1080 - 190K
  • Here is a photo of my TV viewed at center line:

    1920 x 1080 - 211K
  • Best correction - sell this and get OLED TV.