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Slowing down a filmed screen from 50p to 25p
  • Hey guys,

    for a video installation I need to film a screen and stuff happening around it. When I import the 50p file to premiere and slow it down to 50% the footage looks choppy. Why?

    So the process: I have 50p footage on the screen. Check. I film it with 50p check. I slow it down in premiere: Fail.

    Anybody knows what that could be?

    Cheers, Tim

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  • In your project folder (not in the timeline) right click on the clip ->modify ->interpret footage. Then, check the “assume this rate” box, and choose 25p. Ok. Then put the clip on your timeline. Done.

  • the footage looks choppy. Why?

    (To answer your question) If you'd shot in 25fps, the motion in each frame would have blurred each moving element throughout all the distance it moved for that 1/50th of a second. If you simply change 50fps to 25 fps by throwing away every second frame, each frame shows blur (and movement) for only half its distance moved - and then the other half will disappear before the jump to the next frame.