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Monitor with HDMI with good color
  • Anyone have any thoughts on using a HDMI external display for production workflow?
    I'm thinking of this one- cheap and 1:1 pixel of 1920x1080. + LED: 24” 2ms Asus VS248H-DVI-HDMI

    This is for the director basically - but has to be VERY portable.

    Cheers in advance.
    500 x 375 - 20K
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  • How about proper topic title?
  • VK changed? Ok no prob.
  • If you do not care about colors, etc, use any 21.5" Full HD monitors, they are smaller.

    About better quality that are still cheap:
    BenQ LCD 24" VW2420H
    BenQ LCD 24" BL2400PT
    BenQ LCD 24" EW2430

    All use MVA panels.
    You can also look for IPS based monitors.
  • Thanks @VK - am aware of the MVA panels - was not sure as to their suitability to plug strait into the GH2- will give them a google!

  • Here - check this out - might not be as cheap as you expect, but the color is top notch:

    HP ZR22W - IPS
  • At least HPZR24W is very good monitor. I can recommend it, price-quality is amazing. And it's not glossy (either is 22"), that's very important on location IMHO. They don't have a HDMI, but DVI to HDMI adapters do exist.

    One small great thing about HP is that _at_least_ 24 inch version does have a handle so it's movable with one hand. ASUS is not. (if that matters - for me it does and has proved it in practice :) ) Checking the images of 22inch version from the net provides contradictional info: Some pictures show that 22inch version doesn't have a handle, but some pictures shows that it has one. :) Dunno.
  • The Dell 2311 always gets rave reviews (after calibration). You might check that one out as it is also quite inexpensive.
    Or maybe take a small CRT monitor? For colors these are still superb (not so much for resolution.)
  • Just bought a LG IPS236... to check out IPS tech. Will also look into calibrators etc...

    Moving over to FCPX due to its Color Matching tech so will see how that goes with the new monitor... anyone with any thoughts on this monitor model?

    Was also looking at the ASUS 23inch P-IPS...

    However straight away color is great on the IPS (coming from TN panels)

  • I teach actors screen acting so take along the benq 2420 a a monitor for them to watch and works great for that purpose, nice picture means they can tell me my shot's are soft! I transport it with a roccat bag, which has a shoulder strap and handle and works great for taking it on the tube and sure there must be other makes doing the same thing.

  • @alcomposer from memory, I used the LG IPS236 with a Red a couple weeks back and found it matched the touchscreen well

  • Thanks for the info @NickBen!

    Just love the monitor- so thin- light- etc... however mine has significant bleed through on the left side- have contacted LG support with image to see what they say. Fingers crossed!

  • Just researched the IPS236 turns out its 6 bit e-IPS (most 23 Inch are).

    Found one of the cheapest IPS true 8 bit monitors: ASUS PA246Q (Ironically its using an LG 24 inch S-IPS screen, and LG can't put their own screen in a monitor??) :}

    On the plus side the PA246Q is $500. So not 2k or anything. Calibrated should be quite a goer.

    What is your take on 8bit IPS v's 6bit IPS @VK? Many forums mention that there isn't really that much of a difference now a days...

  • On video difference must be easy to spot. I already told that if you want large(32") you can check some LG TVs (but many now have different panels) with 10bit IPS. Of course you need to have notebook with test software to check that all is ok.