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GH2 red interlace issue? Or is it a premiere cs5 issue?
  • disclaimer: Vitaliy, if this is already covered somewhere else, feel free to delete or move my post.

    I've found out a very strange phenomenon with gh2 footage in (at least) premiere cs5. The reds look interlaced (jagged) while everything else is normal. Iv'e found that the same footage looks better in VLC aswell. I've of course matched the sequence to the footage and it has occurred with several different camera settings - it becomes obvious only with strong reds.

    I wonder if someone else have encountered a similar problem and if you have any suggestions as to why it happens? (possible solutions?)
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  • I remember seeing the same thing in After Effects, but it seemed to go away when I exported the material.
  • Did you maybe set interpret footage wrong?
  • @Gabel: I managed to get rid of it aswell once whilst trying out a patch with some certain export.. (don't recall the settings).

    @Meierhans: well, that would be if the default interpretation of AVCDH is wrong in premiere cs5. Which seems unlikely. I'll try to set it manually and see if it makes a difference. What really puzzles me is that it only affects the reds!
  • I tried to interpret the footage differently (incorrectly even, with no better results..
    Channel blur easily corrects the problems though..
    Still, I would really like to know the reason for this!
    Anyone had similar problems in cs5.5? Maybe I just need to update.
  • I think, this is 4:2:0 encoding
    Upd: Seems Interlaced
  • @Alex_K I thought about that too, shouldn't it then show in all software? Or is it down to how the software handles 4:2:0? It is very clearly a red channel issue.
  • @sam_stickland Cheers! This certainly seems to get to the heart of the matter. Time to update and / or install fcp on my work computer.