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Partial Rig set up for $167 (US)
  • So here's most of what you need for a rig for $167. Vitaliy gave me the link to it and I ordered it. So far it seems pretty good. I'm assuming it's a knock off of a lanparte? I don't know, there's no writing on it and the seller's name is "Chen". Overall very solid build and the clamps have teeth so no slippage issues. Seems like a good value for $167. Test footage is solid and arm fatigue low. I like the shoulder pad/plate because you can mount things on the various threaded holes-- I use a Tascam DR60d as a counterbalance and audio recorder. I shot some video of it, the first part is what you get for $167, I added some left over parts I had sitting around to make a full rig.

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  • I'm assuming it's a knock off of a lanparte?

    From old Tilta model.

  • Looks like a pretty decent deal, thanks for sharing!