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For sale: Panasonic DMC-GH2 incl. 14-45 lens, 3 batteries, 32 GB SDHC, power adapter, remote control
  • On offer:

    • 1x Panasonic DMC-GH2 incl. original accessories (1x DMC-BL12 battery, charger, all cables and manuals, in original box)
    • 1x Panasonic H-FS014045 14-45 mm f3.5-5.6, incl. lens hood, lens caps and pouch
    • 2x Panasonic DMC-BL12 batteries (in addition to the one in the camera, ie. a total of 3 genuine Panasonic batteries)
    • 1x Panasonic DMW-AC8 power adapter (to operate camera off wall outlet in studio or for long-time recording), in original box
    • 1x Sandisk Extreme HD Video 32 GB SDHC
    • 1x Pixel TW-282 RS1 wired/wireless remote control (e.g. for timelapse recording) with all accessoires, in original box

    All of the above has had relatively little use and has been cared for very well. It is therefore in excellent condition.
    The camera came originally with the 14-42 mm kit lens, but is on offer here with the sharper and optically better 14-45 mm lens.

    Price €480 plus shipping (from EU).

    Additional photos available on personal request.

    1024 x 683 - 107K
    683 x 1024 - 120K