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GH4r Time Recording in Europe
  • I just bought my second GH4 in the UK and am totally pissed to hear that Panasonic are now releasing a newer version soon which won't have the European time limits on filming presently set at 30 minutes. Is there any possibility of releasing a hack just to bypass this particular setting? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hacks haven't appeared after the gh2, so not very likely... Buy the v-log update (when it comes out), it removes the time recording limit.

  • @Manstok V-log, doesn't remove any limit at all. Time recording limit will be removed in GH4r physical camera only.

  • Ah, okay, thanks for the clarification, glad I bought mine at personal-view with no recording limit!

  • @colinire:

    Well - You could also go for the Atomos Ninja 2 or Ninja Blade (which are both now lowered in price by 50%).
    That way you even get 10 Bit 4:2:2 of your HDMI port - The only downside (more or less): Only 1080P resolution.
    BUT: That way you could at least record over 30 Minutes (and you get VERY good image quality).
    And it´s also nice to have 10 Bit recording (if you plan to use the new V-LOG L feature / update).

    Btw.: The more expensive Ninja Blade is coming with a nice screen (1280x720 - IPS).
    So you can also use it for focus pulling AND exposure control ...
    (Through the RGB Parade and Vectorscope - Quite rare features on the market!)
    Atomos is even offering LOG features (so you see the final picture already on the screen).
    I am sure, that also V-LOG L will be soon supported by the ATOMOS OS. ^^