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its 2015, whats the best hack on the gh2 ?
  • Since I got my gh2 I been using flowmotion hack. Supposedly, during my research 3 years ago, it was the best one for the best quality, and best low light quality hack...something about the a-b frames or what ever.

    but its 2015 now, and I am wondering, if there are any better hacks then flow?

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  • Hello, I have exactly the same question. I used old 44mbit hack and now looking for a new one. After diggin I think the best is the Moon T7. Some people said that Flowmotion 2.2 or or Apocalypse is the best choice. In my case it's all about taste, nothing more. Let the smarter people said their opinions.

    Cheers, Arco

  • Hasnt this been covered in heavy detail in 1,000 other posts in the last year?

  • @edubz Here's a little summary I gave someone else on hacks/settings/patches. Hope this is helpful:

    "I'd try a bunch of them and you'll soon see what you like. Here's a few popular ones: Moon T5, Moon T7, Moon T8, Apocalypse Now Boom, Intravenous v1, Intravenous v2 (one of my favorites as I have think it's an 80s film look), Flowmotion (not sure which version but check that thread for latest), Sanity and many more (hope I didn't forget any of the popular favorites! ).

    Also play with the in-camera menu "Film Mode" settings such as "Smooth", "Standard", "Nostalgia". I like Smooth. Seems Smooth and Standard tend to be favorites. Also the four other settings that can be adjusted from -2 to 2, will change the image.

    Combine those things with lens experimentation and you'll soon come up with a "visual texture...aka an image type...a canvas" whatever you want to call it. Then it's all about composition and lighting, and post color correction/grading.

    Have fun. Great thing about this cam is ability to get a lot of different looks. Over and out!"

    (Also: Most hack settings I have mentioned are very stable. The hack setting patches by @bkmcwd are also extremely stable, so you can search on this site for his hack settings. They get good reviews from those who use them.)

  • Matt pretty much summed it up. Moon T5 ant T7 are far and away my favorites, and I use Intravenous V2 on rare occasion. Smooth beats Standard IMO (but some of that is personal preference). Driftwood delved deeper than anyone else into solid scientific testing of GH2 hacking, and it was evident in every one of his patches, but especially in the later non-gop hacks.

  • But what are the main difference between all these hacks? I been using flowmotion since I got it, because at the time it claimed to be the best and most stable.

    Is there a thread showing what hack does what? Are they made for specific things? Did anyone pixel peep to see just which is...the best?

    I was always told always to shoot in standard then if I needed to color grade to do that in post

  • In my opinion there are a few differences between the settings/patches/hacks. One is the idea that different hacks create different looks. To see that you can use search feature on this site and search different hacks to see footage posted for each hack. Another difference is how well different hacks do when it comes to grading footage. That too is subjective so you can read the threads/discussions on different hacks to see what people's experiences are. A third issue is "noise", which can be different between different hacks.

    Key is to experiment. It's free and best way to get results you want. What lenses are you using, and what look do you want to achieve?