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Sennheiser AVX wireless mikes
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  • First, the AVX radios are virtually immune to interference. I’ve used the AVX in Times Square and on Broadway in New York City, two of the most hostile environments for wireless mics you can imagine. I’ve used it at a robotics competition, which had an incredible amount of electrical noise and RF flying around. I used it as DJI introduced their new Phantom, in a room full of electronics and RF. Not once did I get a single hit on the audio. Clean, clear sound where my old Sennheiser G3 wireless mics would have been hurting.

    Second, the audio quality is quite nice, despite the lack of manual controls. The AVX-835 mic has “automatic sensitivity adjustment.” Uh-oh, I thought. Automatic gain control. But Sennheiser has managed to make “auto dynamic range adjustment” work in a professional way. It seems to work like a good limiter on some higher-end audio gear. You don’t really hear the audio pumping, and it’s resistant to clipping. It has a lot of headroom and it will handle really loud situations fairly well. I don’t think I’d use it for recording chamber music, but for for interview situations in noisy environments, it’s great.

  • I've been using this wireless set for about a week now. Here are my impressions:


    • Feels bomb-proof. I would take this with me anywhere.
    • Very compact. TX is easy to hide, and I love that RX just plugs directly into the camera and is no bigger than it needs to be.
    • Automatic sensitivity adjustment. Generally it works well, and it's great for running as a one-man crew.
    • RX unit can be powered by phantom.
    • Both units have good battery life.
    • Great sound quality.


    • Automatic sensitivity adjustment. It's a nice feature and it works well, but why not give us the option of disabling it?? It means this set will never be a truly professional set.
    • Pairing isn't quite as idiot-proof as Sennheiser suggests. It's happened a few times that I needed to turn both units off and try again, when they would not immediately pair.
    • The ME2 lav isn't great, and the MKE2 is overpriced. Doesn't matter for me, as I'm using the Røde and Que lavaliers instead anyway.
    • The proprietary batteries are over-priced.
    • The asking price is too high. I'm happy with the price I paid on eBay for a lightly used set, and would suggest hunting for a deal.
    • A hard case would have been nice. I immediately fitted my set into a mini Pelican, but for the price they should have included this.
  • Sennheiser AVX Camera-Mountable Wireless Set with ME2 Lav & Waterproof Case Kit, $764

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  • Special kit deal


    • AVX Digital Bodypack Transmitter
    • AVX EKP Camera Plug-On Wireless Receiver
    • MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone
    • ME2 Lavalier Microphone

    424 x 346 - 13K