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Flowmotion v2 very noisy footage pleaese help.
  • Hello,

    Recently I hacked my GH2 with Flowmotion 2.0.2. Video quality looks nice, but very noisy. I use Smooth with -2 -2 -2 -2, 14-42 lens, and 400 ISO. I tried using ISO 160 but result is the same..

    Recording in Inteligent AUTO - no noise at all at the same place at the same light, whats the problem?

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  • iso bug? I have never seen it, but, search the forums. I think it happens when the camera comes out of sleep mode. I turned that off on day 1 and maybe that's why I have never had the issue.

  • Also look up "digital rain" or "diagonal rain". I have had problems with GOP 3 based hacks (in particular FM) and the way the NLE interprets them. There is no problem with the footage, just interpretation with some NLE (Sony, Adobe, etc.) . Transcode to an intermediate format clears it up.

  • Check this out. Lookslike auto has beter result.

    250 ISO , but footage is too noisy. MANUAL