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FS: Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera + Extras
  • For Sale Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body + Extras) NTSC version

    Like "New" Condition - only 46 shutter acutations. Comes with original box and all original packaging. Most booklets and accessories have not been used and are all mark/scratch fee.

    Hardly used camera in great condition. All the batteries have had two or less charges on them. Equipment was babied. The sensor is dust free as a single lens had been attached and stored in a camera dry box. Selling as a project has been postponed.

    With box and all original packaging and accessories. Everything either in new or mint condition. EXTRAS: 1. SmallRigs Sony a7S BasePlate 2. Minolta MD (w/tripod feet) to Sony E adapter - new and never used. 3. Two extra batteries - total four batteries (2 original Sony batteries). 4. Extra battery charger.

    $1,680 Paypal gift or regular paypal add 3% (100% feedback on fleabay). Shipping $15 in CONUS. Will split shipping with buyer for international. Willing to ship international if buyer is reputable and can prove it with other accounts. I have sold equipment on other forums and will share my information if the buyer requests.

    1024 x 683 - 257K
    1024 x 683 - 238K
    1024 x 683 - 228K
    1024 x 683 - 198K
    1024 x 683 - 252K
    1024 x 683 - 215K
    1024 x 683 - 303K
    1024 x 683 - 268K
    1024 x 683 - 250K
    Sony a7S actuations.jpg
    647 x 461 - 15K
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  • Might be a few extra zeros on there

  • sent you a reply.

  • Shipping to CONUS for free and drop to $1,650.

    Also, it is a Nikon F (w/tripod feet) to Sony E adapter. Not Minolta MD.

  • Dirt Cheap! Looks like the "Fire Sale" on used A7s bodies has begun. I already have an A7sII ordered and wonder what to do with my extra A7s.

  • $1625 free shipping CONUS

  • $1600 free shipping CONUS

    Someone take this low-light monster!

  • $1550 free shipping CONUS

  • $1500 free shipping CONUS

  • Is this still for sale?!